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Alternative Wealth Partners is an investment fund specializing in non-correlated investment assets, from private equity in emerging ventures to real-estate, energy, and commodities.

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  • 17% average return
  • $13,000,000+ raised
  • 5 industries + asset classes

Investor first.

We’ll work with you on a personal basis to develop custom portfolios in alternative investments, innovating an off-Wall Street option for investors to preserve wealth, access higher returns, and minimize the risk from volatility in public markets.

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What is alternative investing?

Alternative investments include non-correlated assets like private equity, energy, consumer goods, and real-estate.

With one investment, our fund gives accredited investors access to private equity in innovative and emerging companies, as well as alternative opportunities across every industry—pairing long-term profits with fast returns from in-demand commodities.

Innovating alternative investing

to secure your portfolio.

Our partners access private equity and high-return investments that protect from losses in the stock market and grow wealth beyond the capabilities of a traditional portfolio.

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  • 17% expected average return for all clients and investors across a diversified alternative investment portfolio.
  • 5 industries sourced and vetted to find emerging and fixed-return investment opportunities.
  • 2/20 We collect a 2% fee once partners realize an 8% return. After, partners split all returns over 10% at an 80/20 ratio.

Alternative Wealth Partners is the only female owned fund in the private alternative space. We are focused on creating an unparalleled investment experience, giving investors the opportunity to own institutional-grade investments with a boutique experience for all. —Kelly Ann Winget, CEO

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Pull back the curtain on alternative investments.

Curious to learn more? These frequently asked questions may help:

Why participate in the diversified fund when assets are available to invest in directly?

Think of AWP’s Diversity Fund as an intro to alternatives. This is an opportunity to invest in these asset types and learn about the individual benefits and returns of each asset without a single-asset risk profile.

Oil & gas is too high-risk for me. Can my capital go to something else?

The portion of the fund that owns energy assets is part of the whole fund. We choose to participate in this sector because the return potential far exceeds any other asset type.

Can I use my 401K/IRA/TSP?

Absolutely! More than half of the investors we work with use their retirement accounts to own alternative investments. You must have a self-directed IRA account in order to participate in these opportunities. Putting a portion of your portfolio in alternatives can boost your overall return long-term.

What if I only want to invest in one asset type?

Every investor’s financial situation is different. AWP is happy to introduce you to a network of offerings so that you can find an opportunity that better fits your needs, from fix-income strategies to tax-advantaged partnerships.

Are alternative investments high risk assets?

AWP focuses on mitigating risk through diversified investment strategies to protect our investments against worse-case scenarios. AWP has our own capital involved in every investment, so our interests are aligned with our partners.

Is AWP a financial advisor/broker-dealer/RIA?

No, Alternative Wealth Partners, LLC is not a financial advisor and cannot provide you with investment advice. All opinions of Alternative Wealth Partners, LLC are their own and do not represent any licensed entity.