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Alternative Wealth Partners’ core mission is to provide our clients and investors with income generating and wealth preserving assets in the private sector. Our focus is always the well-being of our partners and the success of their investments.

Meet our founder

Kelly Ann Winget

  • Kelly Ann Winget has a decade of experience in the alternative space sourcing creative capital for startups, oil and gas companies, manufacturing ventures, real estate, and several other markets.
  • Kelly has successfully raised almost a billion in private capital for private placement opportunities across her career, averaging over 14% in returns. After a decade of building others’ records, she formed Alternative Wealth Partners to offer clients the best of what the private market can offer.

Meet our team

April McGary-Wedding,

Executive Director of Investor Relations

April has nearly a decade of customer relations experience in health and wellness, finance, and banking. At AWP, April harnesses those skills to create and deliver reliable and consistent financial communications to our partners.

Xavier Baez,




Eve Mayer,

Board Member

Eve Mayer is a New York Times Best Selling Author and serial entrepreneur. She is the CEO of DiversityCrew.com and Owner of video production company EveMayerMedia.com.

Our story

Your gateway to off-Wall Street

Alternative Wealth Partners was established in 2020 in response to an increasing demand from high-net-worth investors for off-Wall Street assets that offer higher returns.

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Sourcing Opportunities

Whether you have a specific goal or need to diversify your portfolio, AWP can source opportunities in almost any industry to match your investment goals.

Strategy & Operation

Whether you have a specific goal or need to diversify your portfolio, AWP can source opportunities in almost any industry to match your investment goals.

Investor Experience

We explore all the risks and rewards of every asset, keep open communication with our partners, and hold our investors’ best interests as our core priority.

Want to learn more?

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These frequently asked questions may help. If not, contact us to learn more.

Why participate in the diversified fund when assets are available to invest in directly?

Think of AWP’s Diversity Fund as an intro to alternatives. This is an opportunity to invest in these asset types and learn about the individual benefits and returns of each asset without a single-asset risk profile.

Oil & gas is too high-risk for me. Can my capital go to something else?

The portion of the fund that owns energy assets is part of the whole fund. We choose to participate in this sector because the return potential far exceeds any other asset type.

Can I use my 401K/IRA/TSP?

Absolutely! More than half of the investors we work with use their retirement accounts to own alternative investments. You must have a self-directed IRA account in order to participate in these opportunities. Putting a portion of your portfolio in alternatives can boost your overall return long-term.

What if I only want to invest in one asset type?

Every investor’s financial situation is different. AWP is happy to introduce you to a network of offerings so that you can find an opportunity that better fits your needs, from fix-income strategies to tax-advantaged partnerships.

Are alternative investments high risk assets?

AWP focuses on mitigating risk through diversified investment strategies to protect our investments against worse-case scenarios. AWP has our own capital involved in every investment, so our interests are aligned with our partners.

Is AWP a financial advisor/broker-dealer/RIA?

No, Alternative Wealth Partners, LLC is not a financial advisor and cannot provide you with investment advice. All opinions of Alternative Wealth Partners, LLC are their own and do not represent any licensed entity.