Sep 21, 2021

PODCAST: Passive Investing, Cashflow, and Wealth Creation in Commercial Real Estate

In September, Alternative Wealth Partners’ founder Kelly Ann Winget appeared on the 5 Talents Podcast, hosted by Abel Pacheco.

Kelly Ann joined Pacheco to discuss passive investing, alternative investments, and wealth creation in commercial real-estate.

In the interview, Kelly Ann discussed her decades-long experience in fundraising and why she’s decided to raise capital from alternatives.

“Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, I had a lot of responses from investors saying that they didn’t want their money in public markets, that they can be too manipulated,” she said. “The pandemic has shown us that market is shifting. I leveraged those relationships to to put together a $50 million alternatives fund that allows investors to make a single investment diversified across lots of different assets.”

Kelly discussed why networking is crucial to investing, why she prefers passive investing, and why the oil and gas industry is not unlike the real-estate market.

“I’m not a big real-estate investor,” she said. “I prefer oil and gas, which can function like real-estate for tax incentives.”

“You can 1031 exchange oil and gas assets and mineral rights, which is the real-estate portion of oil and gas,” she explained.

“You’re not exposed to the drilling risk, but you own a deeded property. It just happens to be underground. You also get paid a royalty on that property, which is best way to earn income from energy. You get a 15% depreciation allowance on income earned on your assets, and you’re not exposed to the risks involved with drilling.”

Listen to the episode wherever you listen to podcasts, or watch 5 Talent’s video of the interview below.